Download Ninja Mod 1.4.2 Installer Minecraft 1.4.2.This is Ninja Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2, This mod will add everything you need to  be a ninja , daggers,shurikens etc, you can craft all your necessary weapons , suits, to be a ninja .If you want to download Ninja Mod 1.4.2 Installer Minecraft 1.4.2 see download link below.Thid mod was created by Udjat74 Ninja Mod 1.4.2 Installer Minecraft 1.4.2.

Installer Instructions:

Download one of the installers below. Once downloaded, double click the installer and click “Install Mod”. And the best of all is that you will have this mod installed with just one single click . If you get any error just ignore it .

Mod Required Installed: FML (Download and Install Minecraft Forge )


Download Ninja Mod 1.4.2 Installer Minecraft 1.4.2 Here .zip