Paintball Mod 1.4.4 – Download Paintball Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4 . With this mod you have the opportunity to customize your armor , they can red or blue armor sets , plus also pistols ,shotguns , rifles, snipers, you can also now spray with you shotgun , pellets  and much more stuff.We give a big thank you to the developer 1Kinx   Paintball Mod 1.4.4 , he always try to fix all bugs and stuff. If you want to give it a try Paintball Mod 1.4.2 For Minecraft 1.4.4 please see below for download link and install instructions.

Install Instructions Paintball Mod 1.4.4:


Make sure to back up your minecraft.jar and start with a clean one!

1. install AudioMod, ModLoader, and Minecraft Forge
3. Browse for your Minecraft directory and hit install.
4. Play Paintball!

Paintall Mod 1.4.4 Client