Too Many Items 1.5.1 Mod – Download Too Many Items (TMI) INVedit for Minecraft 1.5.1  .Hey Minecraft player you might hear about the new Minecraft 1.5.1 mod Too Many Items which adds the ability to spawn items including those from external mods. This is a very easy mod to use and to install we have added a video below on the how to the install this amazing mod for free and easy to follow.
Tip: To open your menu just press “I” and to close it press “O” key in your keyword.

Too many Items 1.5.1 Mod INVedit Installations for Minecraft 1.5.1 

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Click on run
  3. Type in “%appdata%” (without quotes)
  4. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/” go inside and find a /bin/ folder.
  5. Delete the /bin/ folder.
  6. Open up minecraft and log in. This will re-instate your /bin/ and is called “cleaning your folder.”
  7. Inside the new bin folder you should find minecraft.jar
  8. Drag the files into minecraft.jar.
  9. Delete a folder called “META-INF”

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